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During the increasing use of cloud computing and the growing demand for bandwidth in 4G and 5G wireless services and applications, enterprises are seeking more agile Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions. Nowadays, SD-WAN has become the buzzword in WAN management, as the traditional MPLS-based WAN architecture seems inadequate to accommodate the growing demands for bandwidth and connectivity between branches and headquarters. The MPLS model often causes latency due to network backhaul when branch staff attempts to connect to the data center. Additionally, maintaining network equipment is time-consuming and expensive for enterprises to expand. Therefore, SD-WAN, which virtualizes all WAN networks and backhaul, appears to offer the appropriate economics and scalability.

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2. 1U x86 rackmount network appliances. CLICK HERE!!
3.  2U rackmount network appliance named ANR-C621A1CLICK HERE!!

SD-WAN enables the deployment of multipath networks with automated and dynamic path steering, ensuring that the fastest and highest-quality path is always used for VoIP, video conference, big data, or other business-critical applications between corporate headquarters and branch offices spanning large geographic distances. SD-WAN optimizes traffic by allowing it to flow directly into the data center through the optimal channel. Configurations are made easier since the WAN is defined by software. Therefore, connectivity and firewall security can be easily configured in an end-to-end architecture among all branches, simplifying network equipment configurations. SD-WAN also helps save costs and time when expanding network infrastructure.

Today, Acrosser presented a series of uCPE/SD-WAN networking appliances, ranging from entry-level desktop products to high-performance 2U rackmount products, to fulfill your networking management and security management needs.

To efficiently run the optimized and virtualized mobile broadband VNF (virtualized network function) and software-defined WAN in the office, our AND-DNV3000 series is powered by the Intel® server-grade Atom™ C3000 processor. This ensures efficient performance, low power consumption, and space considerations. Acrosser’s AND-DNV3000 series desktop network appliances provide comprehensive security for WAN infrastructure.

For medium-sized data centers, Acrosser offers a series of 1U x86 rackmount network appliances that provide enterprises and small businesses with a optimized, and easy-to-deploy solution. These appliances are powered by Intel® server-grade Xeon® Ice-Lake D LCC processors or Intel socket-type processors, enhancing their computing capabilities. Managers can choose based on their budget and the requirements of their system management environment. The system features multiple RJ45 GbE and 10G SFP ports, LAN port expansion NIMs (Networking Interface Modules), Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), and Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT), This reduces testing and validation efforts, accelerating the time-to-market deployment on the client network platform.

For headquarters, Acrosser provides a high-performance and expansion 2U rackmount network appliance named ANR-C621A1. This appliance is powered by dual Intel 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable Processors (codenamed “Ice Lake-SP”) and supports up to 8 high-speed networking interfaces modules (NIMs), including 8 copper 1GbE LAN ports and 8 SFP+ Fiber 10GbE LAN ports, offering a total of up to 66 LAN ports. It also provides 1 PCIe[x16] expansion slot for an add-in riser card, enabling the accelerated deployment of networking security, UTM, uCPE, 5G MEC, and IT/OT Cybersecurity.

Acrosser presents a comprehensive range of network appliances and VNF pre-validated vCPE/uCPE designed for high-throughput DPI, SD-WAN & SD-Security, and OT network security. Acrosser is your best product partner for network appliances.

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SD-WAN, rackmount, desktop network, micro-network. UTM. uCPE., VNF.

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